xk Operating System


xk is a primitive operating system running on a simulated virtual machine (qemu). It can handle some system calls, run multiple processes, contains a full-featured virtual memory system, and supports transactional updates to the file system. Read more

Web Browser Engineering


This course project unveils how modern browser works internally by building a simple browser in python. Read more



SimpleDB is a simplified database management system (DBMS) that supports running basic queries, transactions, recovery, and efficient memory management. Read more

How do people learn to use interactive theorem provers?


Audrey Seo, Yadi Wang, and Zhennan Zhou. 2022. How do people learn to use interactive theorem provers?. In CSE 510: Advanced Topics in HCI, Seattle, WA. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 19 pages. manuscript, two columns. Best Course Paper 🏆 Read more

Online Search Engine


Online Search Engine 333gle is a secure, multi-threaded, HTTP-based online search engine, featuring fast index search, internal logging, context previews and more. Read more

Cancer Cell Evolution Visualization


This is the final project for CSE442: Data Visualization at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at University of Washington. Read more



UserAnalytics is a lightweight Chrome extension that allows users to easily view their Chrome usage trends. Through stylized and interactive visualizations, they should be able to see what domains they visit the most, the volume of internet usage throughout the day or week, and the time for each category of website. User can choose to opt-in or -out of tracking and has the full capability to customize their tracking list based on their preferences. We want UserAnalytics to be easy to use and install, allow user customization in domain tracking, store data securely, and be respectful of users’ privacy. Github repo Read more

Husky Mask Exchange (Best Design Award)


Husky Mask Exchange is a group research project in the Human-Computer Interaction Capstone supervised by Professor Katharina Reinecke. We designed a system that fosters virtual and physical connections, bridges different cultures, and facilitates communications within the UW community under the pandemic by exchanging homemade masks with paired partners. The purpose of this project is to fulfill the need for PPE and provide a way for users to connect with other individuals in the community based on similar interests. The entire project is based on React, React Native, JavaScript, CSS. We conducted various user research, including contextual inquiries, participatory design and semi-structured interviews to find insights that drive the design and implementation of our project. We also conducted multiple usability testing to make sure the product is making sense to our target users. Read more



Ahead is a task-centered GTD(Get Things Done) App on iOS platform. It aims to help people schedule and organize tasks, track progress and improvement and avoid procrastination. It also features flexible late day, simple yet powerful category filters, eye-caring dark mode design and more. Public TestFlight: TestFlight link. Read more



ProCabulary is wearable-mobile app pair that take advantage of continuous speech capture technology to help people expand vocabulary in their professional industries and speak like a professional. Read more